Anybody can become an affiliate with us. You are at an advantage, if you have prior experience in selling B2B software.

All you need to do is fill in your details here. You can get started right away.

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No. You signup for the Affiliate Program for free

You can reach us out over, here.

A lead clicks a link or banner that includes your tracking code. As soon as the lead clicks on your link a cookie is saved. The cookie lifetime is 90 days. This means that even if a lead signs up during the last, 90th day after clicking your affiliate link, you will still receive a commission for your referral.


Commissions are calculated monthly and are paid out before 15th of the next month.

Payments are processed via UPI or bank transfer.

You can email us at anytime you have a question.


You will be rewarded monetarily at two stages.

  • Everytime, a valid user signs-up using your referral link, that you share with your followers/customers, you will be paid $5/lead. If the quality of the lead is not up to our standards, you will not be paid for those leads.
  • Everytime, a valid lead becomes a paying customer, you will be paid a part of the deal value as commission.

  • Every time your referral becomes a paying customer you will be paid 20% of the every order downloaded from the date of becoming a paying customer.
  • Do write to us at if you want to refer a business that is willing to sign a contract for more than 3 years and we can customize rewards accordingly.

The leads coming from your referral link are validated through an internal process. Do write to us at in case you have more questions.

No. You are encouraged to bring in as many valid leads as you can.

You will be paid 20% of the order downloads from the date of becoming a paying customer. Should your referral upgrade/downgrade during that time, you will be paid 20% of the new MRR for the rest of year.


You can promote Pixsuit in anyway you can. Here are some suggestions from our end

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Banner ads
  • Blogs

Yes. You will have, at your disposal, various case studies, white papers and videos to promote Pixsuit.

You can email us at anytime you have a question

Got questions about Pixsuit Affiliate Programs? Drop us a line at